A City Divided – How Israel’s Wall Is Splitting the Holy Land

Deal W. Hudson January 10, 2005 I met my guide, Helmut Konitzer, at the airport. A German who visits the West Bank to assist the sisters, monks, and priests living there, Helmut had the look of a well-cut drifter. I wasn’t surprised when he told me his preferred mode of transportation was his motorcycle, especially… Continue reading A City Divided – How Israel’s Wall Is Splitting the Holy Land

Pope Receives Muslim Critic of Osama bin Laden

Deal W. Hudson March 24, 2008 A few days ago, Osama bin Laden released a message threatening Benedict XVI for leading a “new Crusade” against Islam. Whether he meant to or not, the Holy Father issued a ringing answer to the architect of 9/11 by receiving into the Church Europe’s most vocal Muslim critic of bin Laden and Islamic… Continue reading Pope Receives Muslim Critic of Osama bin Laden

Will History Repeat Itself in Gaza?

Deal W. Hudson January 8, 2009 Israel’s 13-day war in Gaza endeavors “to teach Hamas a lesson” and to defend southern Israel against its missiles. It’s highly unlikely the Israeli bombing and ground attack – which has resulted in nearly 700 dead, including 300 civilians – will achieve these objectives. Why? Because it has been tried before,… Continue reading Will History Repeat Itself in Gaza?

Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

By Deal W. Hudson Mel Gibson’s Passion is finally in movie theaters. Now people can see for themselves what all the hubbub is about. Most, I believe, will leave the theater shaken to the core by the terrible beauty of Gibson’s masterpiece. The media-driven expectation of an anti-Semitic portrayal of the Jews will be swept… Continue reading Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

Bad Times in Nazareth

By Deal W. Hudson The angel Gabriel announced the birth of Christ at a town called Nazareth. Most people know that—it could be a $4,000 question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. What most people don’t know is that the largest church in the Middle East stands at the site: the Basilica of the… Continue reading Bad Times in Nazareth

My New Year’s Wish for President Obama

Deal W. Hudson Published December 27, 2010 At a restaurant in Jerusalem last August, I listened incredulously as two prominent Israeli journalists explained to me that President Obama did not care about a second term. Obama, they told me, was going to forge ahead toward an Israeli-Palestinian agreement with total disregard for any political fallout.… Continue reading My New Year’s Wish for President Obama

Christian Zionism, Evangelicals, and Israel

Deal W. Hudson Published April 30, 2009 Rev. Stephen Sizer probably knows more about Christian Zionism than anyone in the world. At least, it seemed that way as we sat in the coffee shop at a Border’s bookstore in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Reverend Sizer has been an Anglican priest for 30 years, serving a parish… Continue reading Christian Zionism, Evangelicals, and Israel