Church and Culture Radio Interviews 2018

Prof. Francis O’Gorman talks about John Ruskin’s life, writings, and devotion to beauty, July 14, 2018, hour 1

Prof. Francis O’Gorman, chairmen of the Ruskin Society, talks about John Ruskin, the Evangelical art critic who considered the art of the Italian Renaissance, and Venice in particular, as the idea of beauty. Ruskin, as O’Gorman explains, didn’t remain in Evangelical in later life. Prof. O’Gorman teaches at the University of Edinburgh.

Music critic Jens F. Laurson plays and discusses​ of the late romantic composer, Othmar Schoeck, July 28, 2018, hour 1

Jens F. Laurson is one of the most respected music critics in the world. I was privileged to have him join me on ‘Church and Culture’ to discuss the music of the late romantic composer, Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957). Schoeck, who was Swiss, stands at the border between romantic and modern, but he never loses touch with the human ear. Schoeck finds the beauty in the soul’s search for what appears to be lost.

Bob Reilly discusses the Trump/Putin meeting and the real threat posed by Jinping’s China — July 28, 2018, hour 2

Bob Reilly returns to ‘Church and Culture’ to explain why the focus on Trump and Putin in Helsinki draws attention away from the far more serious threat posed by China under the leadership of Xi Jinping.