Sed Contra: Funding Imagination

Deal W. Hudson May 1, 2004 Conservatives, by and large, don’t trust the arts. The suspicion goes back to four centuries before Christ when Plato famously argued that the passions awakened by artists were a threat to the state. In 1965 the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) was created, along with its sister, the… Continue reading Sed Contra: Funding Imagination

Sed Contra: The Bishops’ Conference in a Political Season

Deal W. Hudson July 1, 2004 Catholic pundit Kate O’Beirne famously called the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) the “Democratic Party at prayer.” In an ongoing series on the bishops in CRISIS, we only slightly amended that by noting the USCCB’s commitment to the defense of innocent life—a stance not shared with the… Continue reading Sed Contra: The Bishops’ Conference in a Political Season

Sed Contra: A Change for the Better

Deal W. Hudson September 1, 2004 As you’ve probably already noticed, Crisis Magazine has gotten a major face-lift. Not only have we completely redesigned our look, but we’re now full color from cover to cover. Our reasons are many, but the main one is simple: This is our small way of thanking you for being… Continue reading Sed Contra: A Change for the Better

Sed Contra: Catholics Take a Stand

A view of the North Portico of the White House, Wednesday June 14, 2017 in Washington D.C. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

Deal W. Hudson December 1, 2004 The Church dodged a bullet on November 2. The last thing the Church needed was an openly dissenting Catholic in the White House. By now everyone knows that Catholics voted for George Bush at the historic level of 51 percent overall and 55 percent of regular Mass attendees. This… Continue reading Sed Contra: Catholics Take a Stand

Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

By Deal W. Hudson Mel Gibson’s Passion is finally in movie theaters. Now people can see for themselves what all the hubbub is about. Most, I believe, will leave the theater shaken to the core by the terrible beauty of Gibson’s masterpiece. The media-driven expectation of an anti-Semitic portrayal of the Jews will be swept… Continue reading Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

Mary’s Shadow and Protection

By Deal W. Hudson Having never been to a ma­jor Marian shrine, I didn’t know quite what to expect. So on my way to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, I consciously put aside all preconcep­tions about what I should experience. I wanted just to let it happen. Over the years… Continue reading Mary’s Shadow and Protection

Dominant-Issue Voters

By Deal W. Hudson Several Catholic leaders have recently commented that Catholics should not be “single issue” voters, meaning that they shouldn’t vote exclusively on the abortion issue. I agree. But it’s not necessary to be a single-issue voter to give the life issues the priority they deserve. Catholics should be “dominant issue” voters. The… Continue reading Dominant-Issue Voters