Catholic Opinion by the Numbers: A Revealing New Poll

By Deal W. Hudson Nanci Pelosi calls herself a conservative Catholic. Sure, she may be in favor of abortion, women priests, and homosexual marriages, but according to the House minority leader, that has no bearing on her life as a Catholic. How does she define “conservative Catholic”? In a January interview with the National Catholic… Continue reading Catholic Opinion by the Numbers: A Revealing New Poll

Mary’s Shadow and Protection

By Deal W. Hudson Having never been to a ma­jor Marian shrine, I didn’t know quite what to expect. So on my way to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, I consciously put aside all preconcep­tions about what I should experience. I wanted just to let it happen. Over the years… Continue reading Mary’s Shadow and Protection

Dominant-Issue Voters

By Deal W. Hudson Several Catholic leaders have recently commented that Catholics should not be “single issue” voters, meaning that they shouldn’t vote exclusively on the abortion issue. I agree. But it’s not necessary to be a single-issue voter to give the life issues the priority they deserve. Catholics should be “dominant issue” voters. The… Continue reading Dominant-Issue Voters