Mike Huckabee’s Anti-Catholic Problem

Deal W. Hudson January 2, 2008 Gov. Mike Huckabee will be a major player in the run for the GOP presidential nomination regardless of whether he finishes first or second in the Iowa Caucus. As in Iowa, Evangelical voters will undergird his efforts in Michigan (Jan 18), South Carolina (Jan 26), and Florida (Jan 29).… Continue reading Mike Huckabee’s Anti-Catholic Problem

Huckabee Fails to Attract Catholic Voters

Deal W. Hudson January 11, 2008 The Catholic voter problem that surfaced in Iowa has followed Gov. Mike Huckabee to New Hampshire. In Iowa, Huckabee received strong support in predominately Evangelical counties, but his support fell sharply in counties with large numbers of Catholic voters. There was no improvement in New Hampshire for the former governor of Arkansas.… Continue reading Huckabee Fails to Attract Catholic Voters

Anti-Catholic Bias in Georgetown AIDS Report

Deal W. Hudson January 14, 2008 On January 9, Ray Ruddy, president of Boston’s Gerard Health Foundation, wrote a letter to Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia asking him to disavow or retract a Georgetown report entitled “Faith Communities Engage the HIV/AIDS Crisis.” The report, published in November by Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace,… Continue reading Anti-Catholic Bias in Georgetown AIDS Report

Is the Catholic Vote Giving John McCain the GOP Lead?

Deal W. Hudson January 31, 2008 When Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed “maverick” Senator John McCain (R-AZ), many scratched their heads. But his endorsement, which bucked the conservative establishment trend toward Mitt Romney, has provided the winning edge for McCain. Brownback surprised people with his support of McCain… Continue reading Is the Catholic Vote Giving John McCain the GOP Lead?

Nation’s Top Pro-Life Judicial Activist Speaks Out on John McCain

Deal W. Hudson February 5, 2008 Manny Miranda is recognized as the leading national activist for conservative judicial appointments. He surprised people by endorsing Sen. John McCain for president, in spite of criticism of the Arizona senator’s role in the “Gang of 14,” a bipartisan effort to deal with the Senate backlog of Bush’s judicial… Continue reading Nation’s Top Pro-Life Judicial Activist Speaks Out on John McCain

McCain Scores with Catholics on Super Tuesday

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - JANUARY 19: Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is interviewed at the Silicon Slopes Tech Conference on January 19, 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is a push for Romney to run for the Utah Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Orrin Hatch this year. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Deal W. Hudson February 7, 2008 On Super Tuesday, exit polling on the Catholic vote was done in only 10 of the 22 GOP primary states. Senator John McCain won the Catholic vote in 8 out of 10 of those states. Gov. Mitt Romney won Catholics in Massachusetts and Georgia, while Gov. Mike Huckabee continued… Continue reading McCain Scores with Catholics on Super Tuesday

A John Paul II Catholic Runs for Office in Florida

FILE - In a Tuesday, June 18, 2013 file photo, Republican Congressman Tom Rooney, R-Fla., questions individuals regarding NSA surveillance in Washington. Rooney, who’s in his fifth term in Congress, held a town hall meeting Monday, March 6, 2017, in Englewood, Fla., during which the majority of the crowd quickly started booing about everything from the environment to health care. Little more than a month into President Donald Trump's administration, Republican members of Congress are returning home to find crowds of concerned and, at times, raucous voters, pressing for explanations of the president's plans for health care, immigration policies and cabinet appointees, among other things. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

Deal W. Hudson February 13, 2008 Tom Rooney is Catholic and pro-life, and he is running for the Republican nomination in Florida’s 16th Congressional District. Rooney comes from a football family; his grandfather, Art Rooney Sr., founded the Pittsburg Steelers in 1933. Former Army captain and JAG (Judge Advocate General), Rooney will need all his experience… Continue reading A John Paul II Catholic Runs for Office in Florida

Georgia Bishops Oppose State Human Life Amendment

Deal W. Hudson February 24, 2008 Last year, Georgia Right to Life introduced a Human Life Amendment (HR 536) in the state legislature that would amend the Georgia constitution to define the human person and protect unborn life from the threat of abortion. Hearings were held last week by the Georgia Judiciary Committee in the… Continue reading Georgia Bishops Oppose State Human Life Amendment

Barack Obama’s Catholic Problem

Deal W. Hudson February 27, 2008 In early January I wrote a column arguing that Barack Obama “will not win the Catholic vote.” Although Obama has won eleven primaries in a row, his “Catholic problem” is emerging in voting patterns and early media skirmishes. Catholic-vote expert Steve Wagner predicted two months ago that Clinton would beat Obama… Continue reading Barack Obama’s Catholic Problem

Did California Really Ban Homeschooling?

Deal W. Hudson March 9, 2008 Panic spread among the estimated 166,000 homeschoolers in California for a week, and outrage grew around the homeschooling community nationwide. On February 29, WorldNetDaily broke the story of a decision by a California Court of Appeals ordering two homeschooled children from the Los Angeles area to be enrolled in public school.… Continue reading Did California Really Ban Homeschooling?