An Evangelical Ponders the Presidency

Deal W. Hudson September 25, 2006 If you know the name Huckabee it’s probably from the popular movie or the highly publicized weight-loss campaign of the Arkansas Governor. My wife is politically astute and very knowledgeable. When I told her I was meeting with Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, she quickly replied, “Oh, he’s the… Continue reading An Evangelical Ponders the Presidency

Can Fred Thompson Win Over Religious Conservatives?

Deal W. Hudson September 7, 2007 Former Senator, movie actor, TV star of “Law & Order,” Fred Thompson officially entered the presidential race last week. It’s remarkable after his bumpy start – with a turnover in his campaign staff and the delay of his official announcement – that Thompson is polling only a single percentage… Continue reading Can Fred Thompson Win Over Religious Conservatives?

Mike Huckabee’s Anti-Catholic Problem

Deal W. Hudson January 2, 2008 Gov. Mike Huckabee will be a major player in the run for the GOP presidential nomination regardless of whether he finishes first or second in the Iowa Caucus. As in Iowa, Evangelical voters will undergird his efforts in Michigan (Jan 18), South Carolina (Jan 26), and Florida (Jan 29).… Continue reading Mike Huckabee’s Anti-Catholic Problem

Why Barack Obama Will Not Win the Catholic Vote

Deal W. Hudson January 7, 2008 To win the White House in 2008, the Democrats have to win back the Catholic voters they lost to the GOP in 2000 and 2004. A previous Window forecast that if the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton, she would win the Catholic vote. However, with his commanding victory in the Iowa caucus,… Continue reading Why Barack Obama Will Not Win the Catholic Vote

Why I Don’t Trust Mitt Romney

Deal W. Hudson January 28, 2008 Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has positioned himself as a pro-life, pro-family “social conservative,” and has received the endorsement of some prominent social conservatives. But Massachusetts-area grassroots Catholics familiar with his record as governor are mystified by that support. Their view of Romney is that his “conversion” to social conservatism… Continue reading Why I Don’t Trust Mitt Romney

Catholic Left Beats McCain with Hagee Stick

Deal W. Hudson March 13, 2008 The moment Bill Donohue demanded that Senator John McCain repudiate the anti-Catholicism of Rev. John Hagee, the Democrats began rubbing their hands in anticipation. Between February 28 and March 10, Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, issued eleven press releases. By the time Donohue announced “this… Continue reading Catholic Left Beats McCain with Hagee Stick

A Memo to the Obama Campaign

Deal W. Hudson March 27, 2008 I am writing this unsolicited memo to help the Obama campaign understand the Catholic vote. It has been the practice of Democratic presidential candidates, including former Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John Kerry, to enlist the help of well-known Catholic dissenters as advisers to their campaigns (no need… Continue reading A Memo to the Obama Campaign

Who Are Obama’s Catholic Supporters?

Deal W. Hudson April 15, 2008 Last Friday, the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama released the names on its Catholic National Advisory Council. The list contains three governors, six senators, and 16 House members, for a total of 25 elected officials. Twenty-two of the 25 is solidly pro-abortion politicians. Five senators and 13 House members… Continue reading Who Are Obama’s Catholic Supporters?

Are Religious Conservatives and the GOP Heading for Divorce?

Deal W. Hudson May 27, 2008 On May 22, 2008, a new era began in the history of what is called the Religious Right. Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain rejected the endorsements of two of the leading Evangelical pastors in the United States, Rev. John Hagee, and Rev. Rod Parsley. The impact of McCain… Continue reading Are Religious Conservatives and the GOP Heading for Divorce?

John McCain Meets With Catholic Leaders in Philadelphia

Deal W. Hudson June 12, 2008 Sen. John McCain reached out to Catholic voters yesterday in Philadelphia at a gathering of Catholic lay leaders and clergy. The meeting, held at the venerable Union League on South Broad St., is one in an ongoing series being held nationwide by McCain and his Catholic surrogates – Sen.… Continue reading John McCain Meets With Catholic Leaders in Philadelphia