Liberals Planning for Vatican III?

Deal W. Hudson I guess it was just a matter of time. As you and I both know, critics of the Church are taking advantage of the sex scandal to push forward their own agendas. We’ve seen it time and again in newspaper editorials, radio call-in shows, and TV interview programs. And now, to the… Continue reading Liberals Planning for Vatican III?

Audiobooks, The Word Spoken

By Deal W. Hudson Homer, the first great poet of the West, wasn’t a writer but a performer, with the dining halls of ancient Greece as his stage. Before the advent of written literature, the medium of poetry was dramatic utterance and song. Eyes were no more necessary to the enjoyment of words than they… Continue reading Audiobooks, The Word Spoken

Don’t Call Me a Conservative Catholic Anymore!

By Deal W. Hudson Labels in politics and religion serve a purpose: There are discernible groups and coalitions within and between the worlds of the Church and government. Words used as labels serve the purpose of enabling us to distinguish between one group and the other. But I don’t want to be called a “Conservative… Continue reading Don’t Call Me a Conservative Catholic Anymore!

100 Best Movies for Christmas

By Deal W. Hudson As with my list of Catholic novels, I am not following any rigid theory of the “Catholic film” in making these recommendations. Rather than advance a thesis about what constitutes an “authentic” or “orthodox” Catholic film, I’m hoping that you, the reader, will discover on this list some films that will… Continue reading 100 Best Movies for Christmas