Sed Contra: Inside the Pandora’s Box

Deal W. Hudson January 1, 2003 It goes without saying that if priests had kept their vow of celibacy there would be no sexual-abuse scan­dal. But we still hear the claim, from Voice of the Faithful and others, that celi­bacy is somehow the fundamental cause of the crisis. How does such an obvious contradiction get… Continue reading Sed Contra: Inside the Pandora’s Box

Crisis Interview With Robert Bennett

Deal W. Hudson February 1, 2003 Crisis publisher and editor Deal W. Hudson recently sat down with Robert S. Bennett, an attorney in Washington, D.C., and a member of the U.S. bishops’ national review board on clergy sexual abuse, to talk about the work of the board. Hudson: Who asked you to be on the… Continue reading Crisis Interview With Robert Bennett

Sed Contra: Investigating the Seminaries

Deal W. Hudson February 1, 2003 With a decision on a plenary council put indefinitely on hold, the next major step in addressing the causes of the sexual abuse crisis is the upcoming apostolic visitation to our nation’s Catholic seminaries. Questions will be asked—as they should be—about how much Catholics can trust that the seminaries… Continue reading Sed Contra: Investigating the Seminaries

Sed Contra: Making Our Own Decisions

Deal W. Hudson March 1, 2003 Just over a month ago, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger issued a remarkable statement on Catholics and politics. Doctrinal Note on Some Questions Regarding the Participation of Catholics in Political Life clarified once again the problems of duplicity that emanate from a U.S. Congress where almost half of all Catholic senators… Continue reading Sed Contra: Making Our Own Decisions

Sed Contra: I Don’t Get It

Deal W. Hudson April 1, 2003 For years the Vatican has been fighting the United Nations. Through its status as a full member of international conferences, the Holy See Mission to the UN has aggressively, but diplomatically, opposed the “population control” policies of the UN bureaucracy and its member nations. Led by the former UN… Continue reading Sed Contra: I Don’t Get It

Sed Contra: Are We All Bigots Now?

Deal W. Hudson June 1, 2003 The following excerpt is from Jay Leno’s opening monologue on The Tonight Show (April 23, 2003): “The Republican senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum—well, let me finish. Don’t hiss me. You can hiss the guy later. He is causing quite a lot of controversy this week with remarks he made… Continue reading Sed Contra: Are We All Bigots Now?

Sed Contra: The Neocon Question

Deal W. Hudson July 1, 2003 On a fairly regular basis, both I and CRISIS are described as “neoconservative”—a branding that manages to be both puzzling and expected. Frankly, I’ve never thought of myself or the magazine primarily in terms of a political movement; indeed, the only isms I espouse without exception are Catholicism and… Continue reading Sed Contra: The Neocon Question

Sed Contra: The Sound of Desperation

Deal W. Hudson September 1, 2003 “Letting Hudson define Catholicism is like letting Osama define Islam.” Thus columnist Ellen Goodman opined in the Boston Globe on August 3. Normally, I wince when I read criticism about myself in print, but this made me smile. It’s an encouraging sign when an important leader of the opposition,… Continue reading Sed Contra: The Sound of Desperation