Yes, Pope Francis, President Trump IS Pro-Life

Deal W. Hudson September 15, 2017 It saddens me that Pope Francis refuses to recognize the pro-life intentions and actions of President Trump. The president has made good on his promises to pro-life voters, starting on his first day in office with his restoration of the Mexico City Policy, which he later expanded. Federal funds can no… Continue reading Yes, Pope Francis, President Trump IS Pro-Life

Pope Francis Gives the Democrats a Gift — But It Won’t Work

Deal W. Hudson April 11, 2018 Writing for NEWSMAX, I explained why Pope Francis’s recent attempt to set abortion and immigration on the equal moral ground cannot be rationally defended. Yes, they have the principle of ‘loving thy neighbor’ in common, but they are distinctly different kinds of moral judgments. Pope Francis get’s it. He… Continue reading Pope Francis Gives the Democrats a Gift — But It Won’t Work

An Interview with John Cornwell

By Deal W. Hudson John Cornwell is controversial. The best-selling author of Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII has been widely condemned both for the quality of his research and for the alleged heterodoxy of his Catholic faith. In his newest book, Breaking Faith: The Pope, the People, and the Fate of Catholicism,… Continue reading An Interview with John Cornwell

John Paul the Great

By Deal W. Hudson The Catholic Church in 1978 was marked by confusion and conflict. In October of that year, the conclave voted and gave us Pope John Paul II. More than 26 years later there are two dominant views of his papacy. One argues that he renewed the Church and saved it from dissent… Continue reading John Paul the Great

At Mass with Saint John Paul the Great

Deal W Hudson I never thought I would be part of a cheering, waving crowd. After all, I thought myself too old, too sophisticated. Then John Paul II walked out on the stage. It was his Wednesday public audience, and together with my family and six friends I sat only a few rows from the… Continue reading At Mass with Saint John Paul the Great

Don’t Call Me a Conservative Catholic Anymore!

Deal W. Hudson Published October 17, 2013 Labels in politics and religion serve a purpose: There are discernible groups and coalitions within and between the worlds of the Church and government. Words used as labels serve the purpose of enabling us to distinguish between one group and the other. But I don’t want to be… Continue reading Don’t Call Me a Conservative Catholic Anymore!

Newt Gingrich and the Pope

Deal W. Hudson Published September 28, 2009 When Newt Gingrich was received into the Church last March, the reactions were predictable. The former Speaker of the House was simultaneously welcomed, jeered, and cynically accused of positioning himself to run for president in 2012. When I spoke to him last Friday in his Washington, D.C., office,… Continue reading Newt Gingrich and the Pope