Sed Contra: That Privacy Thing

Deal W. Hudson November 1, 1998 The Bible says that in the last days our sins will be shouted from the rooftops. Well, a millennium of sorts has already arrived for some Washington politicians, both friend, and foe. The brave new world of the media, fed relentlessly by the Internet and 24-hour cable news, has… Continue reading Sed Contra: That Privacy Thing

Ted Forstmann: On Philanthropy, Politics, and Religion

Deal W. Hudson June 1, 1998 In multimillionaire investor Ted Forstmann we meet a man, a Catholic, who has become one of this nation’s leading philanthropists and who may be poised to head an educational revolution. As founding chairman of Empower American, a conservative grassroots organization whose Washington, D.C. offices are home to Bill Bennett… Continue reading Ted Forstmann: On Philanthropy, Politics, and Religion

Sed Contra: Il Papa!

ZAIRE - AUGUST 01: John-Paul II in Zaire in August, 1985. (Photo by Francois LOCHON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Deal W. Hudson April 1, 1998 I never thought I would be part of a cheering, waving crowd. After all, I was too old, too sophisticated. Then John Paul II walked out on the stage. It was his Wednesday public audience, and together with my family and six friends, I sat only a few rows… Continue reading Sed Contra: Il Papa!

Sed Contra: Hard Questions from the Playground

Deal W. Hudson March 1, 1998 I had just ventured into the Caribbean with ninety Crisis readers when the Clinton sex scandal hit the headlines. Even at a far distance, it was clear that the story was steering the media discussion into vulgar waters. I hoped my nine-year-old daughter would avoid hearing about Oval Office… Continue reading Sed Contra: Hard Questions from the Playground

Millennial Danger

Deal W. Hudson January 1, 1998 In the winter of 1980, I faced my first class at Mercer University in Atlanta, an “Introduction to Religion” course for ten students in the evening program. The brightest of them was already well-established as the financial controller of a hotel on Peachtree Street. Two decades later, she teaches… Continue reading Millennial Danger

The Truth of Truth

Published December 1, 1998 DEAL W. HUDSON In his previous encyclicals, the Holy Father has shown how truth has a moral beauty that shines through the lives of the saints. Now, in Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason), our philosopher-pope explains why that light no longer shines through the work of most philosophers, as well… Continue reading The Truth of Truth