The Dissenter’s Secret Meeting

Deal W. Hudson This morning, the Boston Globe dropped a bombshell of a story… though they seem to have little idea just how major it is. The title was “Bishops seek out opinions, in private: conference focus is church future,” and began by explaining that some top bishops “met secretly with a group of prominent… Continue reading The Dissenter’s Secret Meeting

Passion, Not Prejudice

Deal W. Hudson When the ridiculous charges of anti-Semitism have finally passed, two questions will have to be asked. First, why was the attack on Gibson so prolonged, so vicious, so multifaceted? Second, why did none of the liberal crowd who joined in the public hounding of Gibson ever concern themselves with his artist freedom?… Continue reading Passion, Not Prejudice

Catholic Opinion By the Numbers

Deal W. Hudson Nanci Pelosi is a conservative Catholic. Sure, she may be in favor of abortion, women priests, and homosexual marriages, but according to the House minority leader, that has no bearing on her life as a Catholic. How does she define “conservative Catholic”? In a January interview with the National Catholic Reporter, Pelosi… Continue reading Catholic Opinion By the Numbers

Dominant-Issue Voters

Deal W. Hudson Several Catholic leaders have recently commented that Catholics should not be “single issue” voters, meaning that they shouldn’t vote exclusively on the abortion issue. I agree. But it’s not necessary to be a single-issue voter to give the life issues the priority they deserve. Catholics should be “dominant issue” voters. The Catholic… Continue reading Dominant-Issue Voters

Lobbying For The Bishops

Deal W. Hudson There are two things I need to bring to your attention… First, the biannual meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in Colorado came and went last week. Of course, you’d never know it from the minimal coverage. This is a shame since the bishops released a very important… Continue reading Lobbying For The Bishops