Et in Jesum Christum: A Memoir by Julian Green

Julian Green, 1900-1996.

Editor’s note: In 1995 I wrote to Julian Green in Paris.  Green was 95 years old and was considered, and still is, one the greatest French writers of the modern age.  His many novels, memoirs, dairies, and books of reflection on saints and cities kept him in the public eye from his first novel at… Continue reading Et in Jesum Christum: A Memoir by Julian Green

Why I Rejected “Spirituality”

Michael the Archangel by Raphael

Deal W. Hudson I was newly graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary, a licensed Southern Baptist ministry now at Emory University studying for a Ph.D in Theology and Literature. Prof. Author Evans, one of my teachers, an expert at French and European literature, had invited me to take tea with him in the back yard of… Continue reading Why I Rejected “Spirituality”