100+ of the Best Catholic Novels

Walker Percy, author of Love in the Ruins.

Deal W. Hudson December 6, 2014 The purpose of this list is merely to recommend good books your may or may not be familiar with. I appreciate lists of this kind and look for them at the end of each year to catch up on year’s books I may have missed — which is usually… Continue reading 100+ of the Best Catholic Novels

A Christian Man of Letters Departs

Deal W. Hudson Published July 23, 2002 You may not have heard of him, but a Christian man of letters, one of our greatest, just passed away. A native of Georgia and educated at its University, Marion Montgomery was a prolific writer. His works include three novels, short stories, poetry, literary and cultural criticism, a… Continue reading A Christian Man of Letters Departs

Pro-Life Voters and the Culture

Deal W Hudson “Social conservatism” has long been the Good Housekeeping brand in pro-life politics. Its usefulness, however, has come to an end, not because the moral commitments it signifies are any less important, but because politics is about attracting voters. A new language that in no way compromises the principles of life, marriage, and… Continue reading Pro-Life Voters and the Culture

Why Dictators Start with the Culture

Deal W. Hudson In her 2012 study of the Soviet takeover after WWII of eight European countries, Anne Applebaum underscores how diligently the agents of Stalin, the Red Army, set out to transform the culture of every occupied nation (Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-56). Applebaum notes that after the initial Soviet takeover… Continue reading Why Dictators Start with the Culture