Soundtrack Suggestions for Christmas

Deal W. Hudson December 7, 2014 “King of Kings” soundtrack by Miklos Rozsa. It’s not too far-fetched to say that film music has become our “classical music.” Far, far more listeners have heard full orchestras blaring in movie theaters than in concert halls for the past fifty years. This tradition of symphonic music which was… Continue reading Soundtrack Suggestions for Christmas

Stories We Hear Again and Again

Deal W. Hudson December 7, 2014 We welcome the retelling of traditional stories because we are always seeking both to understand and endure the stories we inhabit and ultimately the narrative which is our entire life. Why else would both the main characters in Casablanca, played by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, ask for the same… Continue reading Stories We Hear Again and Again

Spiritual Renewal Through Beauty

Deal W. Hudson December 7, 2014 Catholics need to be more welcoming to each other and to parish visitors. It’s not the first time I have made that observation, and it’s not the first time much of the response has been negative. Why? I’m accused of forcing evangelical habits on a Catholic parish, of endorsing… Continue reading Spiritual Renewal Through Beauty

When Catholics Lost Their Cultural Clout

Deal W. Hudson December 10, 2014 Catholics of my generation probably remember only dimly the furor provoked among Catholics by films in the 1950s directed by Luis Bunuel, Los Olivados (1950); Roberto Rossellini, The Miracle (1951); Otto Preminger, The Moon is Blue (1953); Elia Kazan, Baby Doll (1956); Roger Vadim, And God Created Woman (1956);… Continue reading When Catholics Lost Their Cultural Clout

Evangelizing Through the Culture — A Manifesto

Deal W. Hudson December 10, 2014 How to describe something that is all around you, influencing you during every waking hour, perhaps while sleeping as well.  Culture is like that, like the air you breathe but completely unaware, unless you are choking.  That’s precisely why I am raising the issue of culture directly, because to… Continue reading Evangelizing Through the Culture — A Manifesto

The Need for Cultural Conservatism

Deal W. Hudson December 10, 2014 At the annual Paul Weyrich Awards Dinner in 2014, Foster Friess, a well-known philanthropist, and leader among conservatives made a simple suggestion: social conservatives should become, and refer to themselves as, cultural conservatives. When I heard him say it, I thought to myself, “Friess is exactly right!” Then wondered,… Continue reading The Need for Cultural Conservatism

Seeking a New Visual Literacy

Deal W. Hudson December 13, 2014 The first commercial television network, the DuMont Television Network, began to broadcast in 1946, but programming was limited to viewers between New York and Washington, DC. Over the next two years, NBC, ABC, and CBS began regional broadcasting. It wasn’t until 1951 that national broadcasting emerged with all four… Continue reading Seeking a New Visual Literacy