Christopher Nolan’s Brilliant, Un-Romanticized, “Dunkirk”

Deal W. Hudson July 23, 2017 The achievement of Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” is his unromanticized portrayal of a lost battle where over 300,000 lives were saved by a flotilla of over 800 small boats. Nolan’s British soldier’s don’t laugh off their plight with a chorus of “jolly good,” they’re tested to the edge of their… Continue reading Christopher Nolan’s Brilliant, Un-Romanticized, “Dunkirk”

The 100 Best Catholic Films for Christmas

Deal W. Hudson December 5, 2017 In offering this list, I am not following any theological guidelines, rather I am concerned with those films that display the highest level of artistry in exploring how the birth of Jesus Christ impacted the world, its history, and all who have lived before and after. Thus, I hope that… Continue reading The 100 Best Catholic Films for Christmas

Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

By Deal W. Hudson Mel Gibson’s Passion is finally in movie theaters. Now people can see for themselves what all the hubbub is about. Most, I believe, will leave the theater shaken to the core by the terrible beauty of Gibson’s masterpiece. The media-driven expectation of an anti-Semitic portrayal of the Jews will be swept… Continue reading Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

100 Best Movies for Christmas

By Deal W. Hudson As with my list of Catholic novels, I am not following any rigid theory of the “Catholic film” in making these recommendations. Rather than advance a thesis about what constitutes an “authentic” or “orthodox” Catholic film, I’m hoping that you, the reader, will discover on this list some films that will… Continue reading 100 Best Movies for Christmas

The Exorcist Author Learns Death Is a Lie

Published April 29, 2015 at The Christian Review A Book Review: William Peter Blatty, Finding Peter: A True Story of the Hand of Providence and Evidence of Life after Death Regnery Publishing, March 30, 2015 256 pages, $27.99 Honesty is rare, and when it’s found in a book such as this the effect is quite… Continue reading The Exorcist Author Learns Death Is a Lie

Who Cares If We Know the Ending?

Deal W. Hudson Why are we able to enjoy a movie that we have already seen, or tell a well-known story whose outcome we already know? Cyprian and I sat down over the weekend to watch the 2004 film, Miracle, starring Kurt Russell, about the 1978 victory of the US hockey team over the Soviets… Continue reading Who Cares If We Know the Ending?

Noah Meets the Transformers and Pretends to Be Abraham

Russell Crowe as Noah

Deal W. Hudson The very talented writer director Darren Aronofsky would have been well advised not to entitle his movie, Noah. This name raises reasonable expectations in a viewer, such as the movie be placed within a Judeo-Christian cosmology and to portray the chief spiritual struggle of the main character. “Aronofsky’s Noah” — a more… Continue reading Noah Meets the Transformers and Pretends to Be Abraham