Closing Ranks on Canon 915

WARREN, MI - AUGUST 19: Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius attends a "Women For Obama" town hall meeting at the Macomb County Community College August 19, 2008 in Warren, Michigan. Sebelius has been mentioned as a potential vice presidential running mate for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Deal W. Hudson Gov. Kathleen Sebelius received some good news last week when abortionist Dr. George Tiller was found not guilty of breaking state laws regulating late-term abortion. The relationship between Tiller and Sebelius would surely have played a role in her upcoming confirmation hearings had he been found guilty. But Governor Sebelius got some… Continue reading Closing Ranks on Canon 915

Will Pro-Life Catholics Vote for Donald Trump?

By Deal W. Hudson After his impressive victory in the South Carolina primary, the GOP nomination of Donald Trump is very likely. Marco Rubio may pick up some support from Jeb Bush’s overdue decision to leave the race, but Ted Cruz has established a national network of highly-energized Evangelical activists who are not wavering. When… Continue reading Will Pro-Life Catholics Vote for Donald Trump?

Just Who Is “Us”?

By Deal W. Hudson Recently, I spoke to a group of pro-life leaders about the 2016 election. I made the following remarks with the hope that the Trump and Cruz factions can eventually “kiss and make up.” *** I’m going to address the question, “Who Is Us?” In recent weeks criticism has been leveled at… Continue reading Just Who Is “Us”?

How to Vote Catholic: A Brief Guide

Deal W. Hudson Voting • Catholics are obliged to participate in politics by voting. • Legislators are elected to serve and protect the common good, human dignity, and rights of human persons. • Voters should have a clear understanding of the principles of Catholic moral and social teaching. • The life issues are dominant in… Continue reading How to Vote Catholic: A Brief Guide

How to Vote Catholic

Deal W. Hudson Introduction Catholics make up about 30 percent of those who vote in national elections. These 30 million Catholics have the power to make our country a better nation—more welcoming to life, more supportive of families, and more effective in its programs to help the poor and marginalized. Furthermore, Catholics who attend Mass… Continue reading How to Vote Catholic