Sed Contra: Catholic Bashing- The Reasons

Deal W. Hudson November 1, 1999 In the past six months, Bill Donohue and the 350,000 members of the Catholic League have been battling movies like Stigmata and Dogma, the smear campaign against Pius XII, and the sin against both faith and beauty at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Mayor Guiliani’s decision, surely prompted by… Continue reading Sed Contra: Catholic Bashing- The Reasons

Sed Contra: John Wayne Grows Old

Deal W. Hudson October 1, 1999 He was the strongest man I ever knew. He had will-power of iron. The doctor said to stop smoking. After that day he never smoked another cigarette. Years later a different doctor banned alcohol—not another drink passed his lips for more than thirty years. Of all the money he… Continue reading Sed Contra: John Wayne Grows Old

Sed Contra: Bringing Closure to Closure

Deal W. Hudson September 1, 1999 Maybe I’m hard-hearted. But, except for rare occasions, I don’t consider feelings newsworthy. I distinctly remember the period during the early ’70s when reporters began interviewing people about their emotional reactions to events rather than about the event itself “How did you feel when the plane burst into flames?”… Continue reading Sed Contra: Bringing Closure to Closure

Sed Contra: Baiting Pro-lifers

Deal W. Hudson June 1, 1999 In a recent Washington Post op-ed (May 6, 1999), Richard Cohen unveiled a strategy that pro-life forces will need to resist before the next presidential election. Like Cohen, abortion advocates are likely to bait pro-lifers over the next 18 months, preaching that their presidential candidates lack integrity if they… Continue reading Sed Contra: Baiting Pro-lifers

Sed Contra: The Strategy of Separation

Deal W. Hudson April 1, 1999 It is always a temptation to read the facts through the lens of the pervasive mood. Paul Weyrich, prominent among religious conservatives, has become progressively depressed over the fate of our culture. In February, Weyrich sent a four-page letter to conservatives. It is a much more thoughtful letter that… Continue reading Sed Contra: The Strategy of Separation

Sizing Up Our Seminaries

Deal W. Hudson February 1, 1999 They are beautiful and imposing when you actually see them. Sitting like castles, resplendent atop prime real estate, these Catholic seminaries make you wonder, “How many men fill up those buildings? What is being taught there? How can the diocese afford the heating bill?” You may have noticed them… Continue reading Sizing Up Our Seminaries

Sed Contra: A New Year’s Wish

Deal W. Hudson January 1, 1999 My “Notes Toward Unity” (Sed Contra, October 1998) elicited more response than any column I have written in the past four years. Catholics around the nation are frustrated; they want their voice heard in the culture. More and more Catholics are tired of being invisible. We can only hope… Continue reading Sed Contra: A New Year’s Wish

Politics, Culture, or the Church?

Deal W. Hudson November 6, 2010 Anyone who has been to a Catholic conference has heard the following remark rise up out of the audience: “What we really need to do is to pray and get before the Blessed Sacrament!” Anyone who has spoken at a Catholic conference has had to confront this statement. Usually,… Continue reading Politics, Culture, or the Church?

Why Catholics Should Reject the Jesus Seminar

Published December 1, 1999 Deal W. Hudson Normally the average Catholic need not worry about a group of academicians who meet every year to discuss the “historicity” of the Gospels. These debates have been going on inside ivy walls for over a century. But with the recent national road-show of the Jesus Seminar, founded in… Continue reading Why Catholics Should Reject the Jesus Seminar