Canadian Priest Accuses Pro-Lifers of Hatred and Bullying

Deal W. Hudson Published September 14, 2009 One of Canada’s best-known priests, Rev. Thomas Rosica, CSB, has describedthe pro-life critics of the Kennedy funeral as “not agents of life, but of division, destruction, hatred, vitriol, judgment, and violence.” Father Rosica is CEO of a Catholic Canadian television network – Salt + Light, endorsed by the Canadian… Continue reading Canadian Priest Accuses Pro-Lifers of Hatred and Bullying

What Cradle Catholics Take for Granted

Deal W. Hudson Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has called us to participate in the new evangelization of the Catholic Church. These very personal remarks are offered in the spirit of that evangelism. Perhaps hearing from someone who discovered the Church for the first time as an adult will be helpful to those who… Continue reading What Cradle Catholics Take for Granted

Unicorns in the Toybox

Deal W. Hudson A friend of mind, a cradle Catholic who doubts her faith, asked what she should teach her four-year old about religion. “Everything,” I said, “Heaven, Hell, God, Angels, Sin, Grace, Forgiveness, don’t leave anything out.” “How can I do that,” she responded “When I’m not sure myself.” Such attempts at parental honesty… Continue reading Unicorns in the Toybox

Why Christians Are Leaving the Holy Land

Church of the Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Deal W. Hudson Published April 28, 2008 Catholics in the United States have been slow to grasp the problems facing Christians living in the Holy Land. Many Catholics don’t even know they are there, or that they are Arab Christians. Most Americans equate Arabs with Muslims, in spite of the fact that Arabs were Christians… Continue reading Why Christians Are Leaving the Holy Land

Why the Wise Men Followed the Star

Deal W. Hudson Wise men have always looked at the heavens with wonder. For them, the night sky filled with stars represents the luminous, the utterly ineffable, the holy. With this sense of overwhelming awe, comes a question: “What lies behind it all?” Wise men don’t ignore this question by burying themselves in practical matters,… Continue reading Why the Wise Men Followed the Star

The Wounded Irish Church

Deal W. Hudson Published December 3, 2009 The responsory at today’s Mass was especially appropriate: “The Lord is coming and will not delay; He will bring every hidden thing to light and reveal himself to every nation.” Sadness and anger pervades Ireland this first week of Advent. The release of the massive Murphy Report revealed… Continue reading The Wounded Irish Church