Christmas 2014 — A Poem

Deal W. Hudson
December 20, 2014

By Mary Jo Matthews 
(1927 — December 18, 2014)

Oh, little town of Bethlehem,
Do men still gaze above,
Through bombs and smoke,
To seek the Christmas star?

Godless men defile their faith,
Bestowed on them with love,
Faith that guided the Magi,
When they travelled from afar.

Oh, land God chose and blessed
To be the birthplace of His Son,
Who, two thousand years ago,
Brought sweet peace to earth.

So many despair today,
Yet carols fill the air.
Let us follow the shepherds
With hope in a baby’s birth.

War, blood, hate and sin,
Tarnish God’s sacred lands;
Terror knows no love,
Children search in vain.

Seek the love of two young peasants,
As they kissed their tiny Savior’s hands.
Love is sometimes elusive,
But it heals man’s pain.

Shun the headlines, spewing
Horror, greed and crime,
And seek faith, hope and love
As our light in this troubled time.

matthews_mary jo

Mary Jo Matthews gave of herself and her talents tirelessly to St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens, Georgia. She penned this poem just before her death. We pray that Mary rests in peace.

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