An Open Letter to Catholics on Election Eve

Deal W. Hudson and Rev. Mr. Keith Fournier
November 7, 2016

Tomorrow is Election Day. There’s no need to elaborate on what’s at stake, beyond asking: Will our nation choose to ratify a Culture of Death?

We appeal to all Catholics to set aside personal misgivings about Mr. Trump, many of which are justified and consider what Hillary Clinton represents — more abortions, more corrupt cronyism, even less religious freedom, and more condemnation of those who don’t share her dark worldview.

We respect those Catholics who have expressed the desire to vote, out of principle, for a third party candidate. However, we ask you to consider, again, the “principles” that will guide this country if Clinton and her faux-Catholic running mate are elected. The America of our Founders, a nation rooted in Christian belief and moral teaching, will again be targeted for another eight years of destruction.

Harsh words have been said among Catholics, publicly and privately. We apologize for taking part in that brief flurry of blows. But like many who have fought each other, now is time to link arms to meet our common enemy.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, we must pursue this reconciliation. We are, each of us, flawed vessels, but know this to be true:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8.28)

With this in mind, we ask all Catholics to forget past rancor among our ranks and focus prayerfully on the work of deciding who will lead America the next four years.

We believe Donald Trump and Mike Pence can lead our nation toward a nation renewed in its commitment to life, true liberty, and authentic happiness.

Rev. Mr. Keith A. Fournier
Founder and Chairman of the Common Good Alliance

Deal W. Hudson
Publisher and Editor of The Christian Review.

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