Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

By Deal W. Hudson Mel Gibson’s Passion is finally in movie theaters. Now people can see for themselves what all the hubbub is about. Most, I believe, will leave the theater shaken to the core by the terrible beauty of Gibson’s masterpiece. The media-driven expectation of an anti-Semitic portrayal of the Jews will be swept… Continue reading Passion, Not Prejudice-Mel Gibson’s Christ

An Interview with John Cornwell

By Deal W. Hudson John Cornwell is controversial. The best-selling author of Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII has been widely condemned both for the quality of his research and for the alleged heterodoxy of his Catholic faith. In his newest book, Breaking Faith: The Pope, the People, and the Fate of Catholicism,… Continue reading An Interview with John Cornwell

Understanding “Incivility”

Deal W. Hudson Published October 25, 2010 Is the religious right uncivil? Conservatives Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner think so. In a joint Huffington Post column titled “The Success and Failure of the Religious Right,” they argue: The language and tone of the religious right have often been apocalyptic, off-putting, and counterproductive. “Just like what… Continue reading Understanding “Incivility”

Meeting Mother Angelica

Deal W. Hudson Published December 1, 19995 She walks so slowly on her crutches she seems fragile, an impression that doesn’t last for very long. Mother Angelica is made of something as tough as the steel she leans on. This Poor Clare nun from Ohio has single-handedly built a multimillion-dollar television and radio complex on… Continue reading Meeting Mother Angelica

Why Does the Media Hate the Church?

Deal W. Hudson Published March 31, 2010 It’s sad to watch the New York Times and the Washington Post, along with MSNBC, attack Benedict XVI. The story they concocted over the past few weeks, with the help of retired Bishop Rembert Weakland about Rev. Joseph Murphy, is risibly tenuous. These once-great newspapers trivialize themselves by… Continue reading Why Does the Media Hate the Church?